Fight Against Bangladeshi Article Writers


Fight Against Bangladeshi Article Writers

apnar budget to valoi ache. Ei budget a jodi
Native english writer paoa jai tahole local keno
Ami suggest korbo native english writer hire

Mostafizur Rahman Afzall :- 
has ur suggestion been sought??

Nafisul Islam :- 
"Nirvejal / stupid"...
Prothom comment ei khub vodrotar porichay
die dilen Valo..
But, apnar comment ta bujhte parlam na.
Bujhie den.

Mostafizur Rahman Afzall:- 
upojachok hoye upodesh diye onnoder
opportunity nosto korchen kno? kno apni janen
na, bd te onek valo writer ase jara er cheye besi
rate e kaj kore?
bd te onek skilled writer ase jara underpaid
tader jonno ei dhoroner client to khub e
ki mone hoy se na jene, na bujhe ei offer
diyese? "$20 per thousand words" obossoi
ekjon expert/exprnce marketer.
apni to writer na, hole bujten, apnar ei
comment koto cruel, insensitive.
apni kmon jani na, kintu deshi writer der proti
unnasik ek client content er quality dekhe ekta
long time kaj disilo amak. 13 days e pray 40k
words likhe dewar por jokhoni taka dewar
kotha suru holo tal bahana, dui mas hoye gelo
taka paini ekhono, bole taka nai ekhon pore
dibe, aro kaj kore dewar request kore. arekjon
request kore tar fix kora rate e kaj koraia agreed
rate thekeo kom taka dise mayer sickness er
kotha bole. arekjon onek boro SEO specialist &
marketer 4 mash dhore amar 7000/= dey na.
kajta likhe sesh kore dilei bd marketer der
attitude language change hoye jay.
tai bd writer der proti obohelar kotha sunlei
matha bigre jay.
freelsncing is all about keeping urself up-to-
date about trends. all over the world ekhon
trend ki bujhen na!!! amar desh, amar jati vai
sobar age. onnok nirutsahito na kore apni nijeu
parle valo offer niye asun bd freelancer der
jonno. apnar amar jonne to bd professional rai
anyway sorry for d harsh word in my previous
comment. I was carried away by anger.

Nafisul Islam
Sorry, brother I didn't mean anything like
underestimating our writers' skill. I have been
working in online marketing field since 2012
and have hired many local writers. Some of
them were a perfect writer but most were not.
Besides, I started my freelance career as
a content writer in 2012 and left in 2013. I
worked with both local and International
Clients. No Local client betrayed me but my
first 2 International client (one Kenyan and one
American) used my trust and had me write
contents worth 200$. But learning from
mistakes/bitter introduction was what made
me work for bigger clients afterwards.
You also got defrauded by local clients and
may be your experience with International client
is positive. What I am trying to say; - We can
not discriminate any client or writer of any
country judging by our own experience.
Since 2013 right after I left writing Job I have
hired and successfully completed My own and
Clients SEO projects with many US, Filipino,
Indian, Kenyan, Russian, Italian, BD writers etc.
Sad but true, most of our local writers i worked
with did not meet the requirement and lacked
sincerity for the works. But that does not mean
there are no good writers in BD. But we must
say that we have better web developer/
Yet We must face the truth that a bigger part of
BD writers are less fit for writing jobs since
English is not our cup of tea and in this case
The native English writers are the best fit for the
writing job as English is their mother language.
So The reason why I recommended hiring
native writer is because I do not want to be
"Biased" (practice Shojon-Priti) while helping
others by my experience driven suggestion.
I really feel sorry about your bitter experience
with local clients but there are some good
clients too in BD. As a good writer, one should
pursue International clients as much as
possible as they value our skills and pay good
money for our work. Besides The transaction/
deal is safer unlike the ones without a platform
in Local.

Mostafizur Rahman Afzall

I have been pursuing international markets too.
I am pleased that you have taken d pain of
going through & answering to my lengthy
comment. I think it wud sound considerably
rude to say that English is not our cup of tea.
Ya, I have come accross writers with high
ambition and low quality in bd writers
community. But dat is d case world over. Our
writers are towering over the native ones for
one century back- once minimal, awe-inspiring
You have got me wrong if you think that I want
bd marketers to hire bd writers only by their
nationality. Yes, d word vias is not that bad if it
goes to d extent of just seeking quality writers
locally and end up hiring d r8 one and rejecting
the unfit. But there is no room for nepotism bcz
its ur business.
The Vaia who posted seeking writers didn't
the response to the inbox of writers. I happened to
spot one confident writer approaching him on
his wall but he merely avoided beating the
stereo-typed drum. These are bad tricks to let
people know dat wht dey r by showing up and
passing negative judgement over others.
Rather the quality writers sud b found out and
given sope. That is a step to succeed in leading
the online market.
It has become a mania now to underrate bd
writers. Skill is not inborn; it can be earned.

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