Negative Entities Are Real Or Just Illusion?


Negative Entities Are Real Or Just Illusion? clairvoyant 

Negetive Entities Are Real Or Just Illusion?

Just saying... there are no separate entities or beings that exist independently of you! ALL beings are your unconscious projections. It is NOT POSSIBLE for other entities to "steal" or "drain" or "attach" as they are parts of you! Trying to scare people or give incorrect information isn't helpful... You may think something is possessing/attaching to you but this is your own coping mechanism to try and push these parts of yourself away. Any being you perceive as separate is simply an unconscious aspect of yourSELF asking to be integrated into your consciousness. Beings that appear to be "deities" "angels" or "guides" are also unconscious aspects of self to be integrated... all is illusion!! The task of the dreamer is to integrate all aspects of self in order to integrate the illusory nature of dream/astral realms/waking life so that all is seen with clarity and for what it really is: a beautiful illusory dream that requires no fear/worry and ultimately controls! Happy dreaming!!
- Kelly Rose

- Paul Cross
Very elaborate explanation and expressed very well, Kelly Rose. So much there I had to reread in order to respond. When you make a comparison of realms you refer to a physical one as the focal point that the illusionary realms can be perceived to be just that, illusionary. What exactly would be the physical realm? Our corporeal existence? You depict a model that is hard to question simply because of the placement of illusion because the word alone takes away the validity of anything many AP and OBE believers want to be so real in their experience. No? I envision unconsciousness as a big bone that has no limit, no size defined and consciousness is feeding off this bone and growing for something that is left unexplained because it lies with the unconsciousness. Your perception seems flawless which I guess if we are going to have grandness, it should be flawless. Thank you for sharing your perception, Kelly Rose.
- Scott Alexander
Hi Kelly, I have the same approach when I'm on the planes, If I perceive a hostile entity I assume it is my own projection, I face it, embrace it and absorb it, its empowering. I never retreat. I read many experiences I believe to be astral glamour, Illusion/Maya, folk like drama, its also dangerous to believe they are objective, it leads to dissociation and an ever-widening mental schism. I've never experienced an objective negative entity/demon to my knowledge. however more advanced occultists than myself claim they do exist, so I keep an open mind. I like your post, but we are the minority 
- 30 years of experience John - and you are right o be wary. I don't claim to know it all, but I do know a lot. My hope is that I can be of some assistance to others starting out on their journey because I remember how difficult it was for me just starting out, and not knowing anything or having anyone to ask questions of.
- Considering that everyone alive on physical plane earth also has an astral body, there at least 7.4 billion other entities to interact. At the very least

- Kelly Rose
I have faced a lot of "demons"... never did any of them do any "harm". In fact, I find they are often just there as a self-made guardian in order to stop yourself "progressing" if you are not ready.. and the best way to understand any of this is to go through it... the experience, and then you see the experience was just an experience! And can say things like the above to re-assure others on their journey out of illusory compassion XD
- Andrew George
I believe like you say that most of this are aspects of yourself subconsciously being manifested into our projections.. but I do feel that there are magics that we can't fully comprehend that walk these halls too. There are differences between spirits, demons & gods. It's all consciousness and the same magic, some just have wider spectrums than others. Thus more control/consequence.. and they can manipulate.. but I am not 100% certain.. after all this, how can we be 100% truly certain about anything? 
- Kelly Rose
Andrew George, I agree... try being certain and see what happens  It's truly MAGIC but not like any kind our human brains could comprehend! Consciousness is a playground for "good" and "bad", I see it like the biggest cosmic experiment that has no end!!
-Alyssa Iverson
I saw that you used the word illusion. Is that implying that all beings we encounter are an illusion? Such as a deceased relative? Also, would you say that all dimensions, events, etc are just an illusion? Sorry, the word illusion just kind of throws me off.
Also thanks for the post I think that's the thing that has stopped me from astral projection. When I have my eyes closed and meditate no matter what positive thoughts I integrate into my destination I start to see dark figures and stop myself from moving forward.

entity clearing 

-Kelly Rose
Alyssa Iverson Illusion as in we may see them via sensory input but they have no objective reality. And yes- everything is illusory. Seeing deceased relatives also falls into this. Often somebody's mind will project the deceased being into their dream. This is a way for the conscious/unconscious mind to process the perceived loss. Everything remains "living" and accessible in the grand unconscious mind (some call this the akashic record). The point is that the relative (understand the meaning of the word relative... language has great truth ) never objectively existed even in the physical plane, again these concepts transcend realms, and never objectively exists anywhere else. It's a beautiful experience to see loved ones in the other realms, the trouble comes when people believe the other realms to be more or less real than the physical one. It is possible to help beings "free themselves" from eg. limbo but that's only how your mind is playing out the journey. The unconscious always moves towards consciousness, it's growth. Therefore, the more "conscious" a human being becomes, the deeper they integrate the unconscious. Some people do not wish to integrate much of the unconscious as it can be painful, equally it's a human beings choice. The deeper you go into the unconscious, the more you make conscious. The bigger the light, the bigger the shadow cast. Our choice to believe in the illusion or not is our choice. If you can see that, it ultimately frees you from immense suffering.
-Kelly Rose
Alyssa Iverson Haha I literally used that GIF to someone yesterday. I know... and it only gets better! Nobody should be put off... this stuff is SO freeing and amazing. That's why I am educating people on this. For every bit of pain, there's a million more percent of amazingness! It's truly a gift to be human!
-Believe me, there is such a thing as a demon. I have been the victim of one in the past. They feed on fear, and I fed this one! But I learned not to fear it, and so it lost its power. It would say that it has not-- it is still here and comes around to torment me regularly. But I don't converse with it (when I realize who I talk to!) and so that's all it does-- come here then leave almost every day.
Alyssa, can you ignore those entities?
-Jacqueline S Davies
No, but think for a moment >. if you can AP other human beings also DO, so you get to meet some of them. Unfortunately, not all mankind is the same, some have NO respect
-Alyssa Iverson
Honestly, I haven't even reached AP yet. When I close my eyes in my darkroom and meditate I think my mind plays tricks and feeds into my fear creating dark figures. So it districts my journey to astral projecting. I'm wondering if I leave the light on it'll be easier to flow positivity before AP and lessening my fear to go forward. I have felt the vibrations and what sounded like a helicopter in my ears. But I freak out and force my body to wake up as well. This meditation guide I follow on youtube tells me to visualize a white light and it's hard to do that with the dark figures when I close my eyes. *sigh*
-Jacqueline S Davies
Sorey hit the wrong button again, not a pro on the computer now if we all are doing AP when asleep then we must meet others on the astral plane, some of them have no respect and some are there for a thrill enjoying the dream? but NOTHING AND NO ONE can HARM YOU. However, in our woken world, we can, you can see how we can harm each other such as war ?? that is happening each day we put on the t.v. or radio ..... But your Astral body cannot be killed and it is ones mined that has fear. IF you have not done AP you are wrong each night you fall asleep, you project into the astral world.. Most have had dreams of flying must have felt they were falling these are normal your body is still there when you wake up OR ARE YOU INVISIBLE,,,, I think not and as I have written I am still VERY MUCH ALIVE so peace profound to you all who are afraid sent with respect
-Kelly Rose

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Alyssa Iverson At any point, there are self-made guardians, something your higher self-creates so that you never meet something you can't handle. When the time is right, you will "see through" those beings. It's something that unfolds naturally with spiritual growth. The heart and mind NEED to grow together. The more open your heart is, the less "scary" beings will appear. The problem comes when people develop quickly mentally and the heart lags behind. Working with compassion and empathy (for the self and others) is a sure way to grow spiritually. Only people who work with the heart can "progress". See AP'ing as a fun side effect of improving love towards self and others rather than the goal.

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