My stories of real astral projection 2018 | Jackie Rossi | best astral projection experiences


My stories of real astral projection 2018 | Jackie Rossi| best astral projection experiences

Jackie Rossi,
 best astral projection experiences

I'm hoping someone can explain what's going on. I recently discussed some of my dreams with my boyfriend. He said I'm doing this astral projection thing. He said he's been trying for 30 years and can't but sounds like I'm doing it without trying. He said I need to be careful. I told him my dreams seem to be indifferent 'realms' or levels, not sure how to explain. The lowest level things come after me, terrorize and torture me, I usually have very little control in that realm. Sometimes I'm aware and I know I have to get to a higher realm where it's safer. 
My best astral projection experiences.
The next realm is full of temptation. They find ways to lure me into usually sexual things. It's very seductive. I told my boyfriend you would think you have more feeling awake in the flesh, but no the feeling in the dream is much more intense, so the temptation to give in to have sex is very tempting. They always tell me "its just a dream you can do whatever you want here" okay now there were a few times I went much higher and the higher I get the safer I feel but once I got close to a huge ball of light, I was almost there and then something grabbed me by the ankle and pulled me down. Do I sound crazy? Aren't these just dreams that everyone has? My boyfriend says they're not and I need to understand what's going on because negative entities can be attaching themselves to me. Sorry for the long story. I just don't know what to make of it and I'm a Christian so I'm not sure where this stuff fits in. Can anyone help me understand?


- you're falling into a sleep paralysis... maybe you're afraid of it and it reflected and show that images... avoid sleep paralysis

- I think you're almost killed by it.. there are some cases in our place that people slept and died due to sleep paralysis.. maybe there something triggered it... so better avoid them

-yo bf is right. what you need to do is protect yourself not everyone has these dreams. cleanse yourself every time you get such dreams, the negative ones. also, Pray before you sleep.

-These realms are just projections of your mind (like any realm of existence...this one included!), those things are just your more "animal" impulses. If you want to feel comfortable with them you need to transmute your fear around those impulses and accept them/integrate them into consciousness. Then they won't manifest as "bad" things to you. It is no good and bad, there is just your own projection of good and bad. You can attune these energies by meditating upon your thoughts and feelings to the "bad" things. Why do they scare you? What is it within yourself that does not wish to accept these energies? I recommend "shadow work" (look to Carl Jung)- it is a way to "make friends" with the unconscious. Nothing to be frightened of really, the best advice comes in the saying of "know thyself".

- ground your self...before you go to sleep..imagine you grow roots deep down to the center of the earth hear them going through the soul spreading all over..inhale bright light..and exhale all your negative feelings down through the roots.....

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- For one thing, your not going crazy. Perhaps the dream of you being chased by something is merely the childhood fears instilled in you (scary monsters under the bed, closet or a dark room) by adults and being dragged down is an innate fear of not succeeding. Your efforts to get to a higher level is your inner resolve and rationality telling you that there are justifiable reasons as to why and your desire to know.

- your honestly just becoming aware of your sleep adventures if you find yourself tormented or frightend you need to face it in real life ,, your emotional state is causing you to venture into those realms ,, your able to do it easily because you've developed the ability in some lifetime through dedication and hard work ,, it's a skill also to clarify some levels are Malible and others more permanent just wake yourself up and do what you need to do to shake the emotional state off,, bath sweet aromas uplifting music and positive affirmation

- All dreams are adventures in the astral realm. Astral projection is technically when we do that while awake.
Just be careful about making any agreements.
You can learn to control this plane once you understand that it is illusion (the “big dream” is an illusion too, btw)

- This is true about the negative entities. This is dangerous very dangerous. Beings that are locked away or feeding off u can and will try to get u to come to the agreement with them
To get them to attach to u and much more. They are aware we have more power than them

- Most dreams take place in the Astral. There are various subtle levels of the Astral. The thing you must keep in mind is that you can never be harmed during your dreams. Sleep paralysis can't kill you. You're fine. You just need to work on these things. Master your dreams. Become the Oneironaut.

- So with me.. I wanna know more about this thing.. Because it actually ruins my relationship with any men that wanting to court me. I feel like I don't know myself anymore.

- I have dreamt I was astral projecting like this also but was still just a lucid dream. Ap is different than lucid dreaming

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- Jackie Rossi, it's not just ordinary dreams.
The two times I've succeeded, something always did hold my knee to, I don't know, maybe steady me or drag me back.
And I always did bring myself back.

- I'm by far from an expert, so this is just my thoughts on your situation. I think you may have an ability like a medium and the beings you are seeing are trying to connect with you, but by that, it would mean that you are seeing both positive souls, and unfortunately negative and perhaps demonic souls. The negative ones seem like they're trying to get you to connect or agree with them for them to come to the surface and be free, possibly using your body as if it were theirs. You're the one in control here and they all know it! I think you need to be strong in your dreams and not show any fear because I think your fear is their only chance of getting to you. You have the power and control, not them x

- Dear Jackie Rossi, I am in my 70ts and have done it when asleep ?only, how do I know this? because I kept a written diary at that time and this was when I was in my 30ts of age, my husband John was most taken aback at what I saw and wrote in the Diary,, he said it made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.. Why because I was there when a soul of a baby was taken to the higher plains it was a dear girlfriend I knew whose baby had died, I also saw those that are of the light . You must take control when other beings from the lower plains ask or take sex, I know what you tell is the truth, they are like you??? but do what you feel is right from within. You can ask just before you go to sleep or if you are one who can do A P awake, keep in mine you want help from those who only want to guide you in your spiritual growth.. As to my AP still working on it to be able to achieve while awake that is? Please keep a diary as it will help you to grow in your skills. Sent with Peace Profound and happy travels.

- Jackie Rossi everyone is limitless, most just have yet to figure it out. We limit ourselves in four ways, 1. Thoughts 2. Beliefs 3. Expectations 4. Fears. Using your example, you find yourself someplace that because of your beliefs, have the perspective of not belonging there. You see enemies (the Satan's) and fear creeps in, causing a perception of loss of control. This causes you to think that you landed in some low vibration area and that there is an expectation of high vibration area.
It is actually pretty simple... That which you think, so shall it be! If you think you will be sick, you will be. If you think you are well, then you will be. If you think you will fail, then you will. If you think you will win, then you will. If you think I am wrong, then I am. If you think I am right then I am...
The truth is that we are all light. Some have talked themselves out of it, some have let others talk them out of it. Some hide their light, and some embrace it.
Be limitless by creating that light and vibration, in the perceived low vibration places you find no matter where you are, and you will see the truth.

- I have experienced AP just a few times. One time I was pulled to the light you described and was told to read the Bible. It was not as though I was supposed to let it control me, just that there was a lot of wisdom there. And so I did. And I studied many other religions as well. The acceptance I felt from the light was not something that would be denied to anyone. The wisdom I have gained is that love is what matters. Relationships no matter how weird can wake up parts of you that might otherwise have stayed hidden. My cultural basis is in a Judeo Christian society so that was where I was guided to "start". After spending time with Native American Elders I found great peace in their songs and the poetry of the land. Then Vedic traditions and yoga/meditation. I still come back to the poetry of the Bible now and then and find myself drawn to the answers of who Jesus was. A Yahwist who traveled to Tibet and brought Buddhism to "Kol Yisrael". He was a Master of the topics we dabble in here. And perhaps would not recognize "his followers" today. So do not doubt your Christian roots nor fear growing in new directions. Allow both to influence each other. Your path is within yourself.

- In the Tibetan Book of the Dead, I think entitled Bardo Thodol (sp?) part of their transition from one stage of existence to another seems to be what you are experiencing. It does not necessarily mean you are dead or dying but are transitioning, so maybe it is some kind of preparation for a serious change in your lifestyle or spiritual life. Consider it a teaching experience to learn from and evaluate.

- I read your story. If it has sexual connotations, it may be just a projection of your mind. Your sexual desire has caused these dreams. Not everything that happens outside of us or anything weird means that it is a paranormal phenomenon.

- Meditation teaches us how to focus and follow then let go of thoughts, interdimensional can be directly guided or influenced by thought! You should try grounding this will open up your chakras and release any low vibrations like fear or what have you so you can better operate in these interdimensional!!

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