Is Projecting More Than 3 Times In a Week Dangerous?


is projecting more than 3 times in a week dangerous?

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Fabro -

 If you are someone that projects every day you are likely to encounter and be attacked by malicious entities, the astral realm is plagued with them but don't worry you cant be killed in the astral realm you will more likely return to your body.

is projecting Dangerous?

 people take astral projection lightly just as there are dangers in our realm there are dangers in other realms as well!

Gordon Dougherty -

 Where do you get this information? I've never heard of "danger from repeated exposure" except with radiation. I'm not mocking you, just curious - this is a tough subject - without being able to consult a bona fide source for our answers, we seem to be stumbling around in the dark (pardon the pun). The only information I have ever found was by a guy named Monroe - ring a bell? He didn't mention danger but did report encountering entities that seemed too awesome to be near...making his journeys more uncertain and more difficult. Are there other good sources out there?

Vincent Grant-

I would say it's the person responsible for their experiences that matters. rather than a rule of thumb. If it's not making a person unbalanced, well that's fine. At my peak of traveling I was between 22 and 27 I was having 26 on average a week, some weeks more some left. I had to ask my people to slow down on the number of experiences because my distinction between this and other worlds was becoming increasingly unclear. This wasn't healthy for my personality. Now I have significantly less by far.

Luis G. Torres-

That's like asking if it's dangerous to eat three meals a day. Us mystics have known for thousands of years that THE SOUL does not have to rest. The entire reason why you dream the way you do is the Soul gets bored waiting for the body to recharge, so it returns to its OWN REALM...we mystics call it the UPPER WORLDS...We know that ALL THINGS come from the GREAT CAUSE of CAUSES the INFINITE. That is where all creation is first thought of then sent to this dimension..encluding you INCARNATING in a body. When a soul becomes super materialistic with NO spiritual BALANCE, it forgets its a SOUL and starts believing IT IS THE BODY. Once you OVERCOME that weakness, you ascend above ALL AP or LD problems and doubts. I hope this helps. Pleasent dreams and pleasant journey!

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