How to spend more time in the DREAM?


How to spend more time in the dream?


in my dreams when I know I'm in a dream I can take control of the dream and do anything but quickly after I realize it, the dream ends, and I wake up every time. I want to know how to spend more time in the dream?
- Could it be you get excited? That always pulls me back to this reality. If so, working on being calm might be away.


- Self-discipline is the major player.

Just because you can do whatever you want don't mean you should.. you have to reframe from doing 75 percent of things until u become mentally stronger
Run faster and faster and faster.. fly slow basically just try floating .. start off with baby steps there's no Hogwarts to teach u the basics u must discipline your self. Teach your self

- As Quentin Murray says its complete discipline. The way to practice is to do one pointed meditation in waking life. This will directly improve your discipline and stop the mind from wandering. Hold objects/images in your minds eye for as long as possible. This is training your mind to hold its own thought. This is near impossible for those who do not practice but with time you will improve. It is important to balance this mental discipline with discipline of the heart to avoid imbalance later on. This means training your mind AND heart. These things serve you best as you progress on the dream path!

- It’s lucid dreaming and when you realize you’re dreaming just watch!! Don’t try to control it. Be an observer.

- Several times before my dreaming doesn't distract even I changed position.

- The Spinning technique. Spin like a top to keep the dream body ACTIVATED.

- I'm no teacher, but I'd say it's intense concentration and intent on staying in the "dream" that keeps you there. I had a lucid dream 3 times in one night and the first 2 times I awoke in my body shortly after becoming lucid. The third time I awoke in the astral realm. It was like visiting another planet. No dreaming. If that was a dream then so is this life.

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Dreams that last for months

- You need to focus your attention on things in the dream and withdraw attention that you are waking up

- No matter what you do.. you have to realize where you are and treat it as such.. its normal.. its always there and it's going on 24/7.. 90 percent of the time you will wake up either to too much excitement ..fear or loss of focus.. master yourself.. during your daily activities and you will do so much better in the astral.. control your actions and thoughts Namaste

how to stay in a dream forever

- If you get too will spend a short time in the lucid dream...
So while lucid dreaming just is calm and be positive..
But sometimes I Will my self to stay longer

-Try alpha brain from it. It’s a nootropic. But takes the bubble like the fragility of your current lucid dream and turns it into a basketball which you can bounce around at will without popping and wake up.


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