How To Wake Up From Sleep Paralysis?


How To Wake Up From Sleep Paralysis?

How To Wake Up From Sleep Paralysis?

Here Are Some Bullet Point To Escape Sleep Paralysis

- This used to happen to me call for your guide Allah, it will work and instantly will break it. it may not be easy to get the words out but you can do it. - Actually, I wiggle my toes and move my facial muscles which are the only muscles which are voluntary for me. Most of the people reported the same - Try changing your breathing pattern to long slow deep breaths. Always works. Or call Almighty God. - Xin Lin Said: I'm don't follow any religion but I've called for Guan Yin during one sleep paralysis and woke up quickly after that, and I also managed to wake by calling Jesus in another one. Desperate times call for desperate measures. - Samu Said : "search for a wind to fly in any direction", is only thing I can come up with. I've had several dream paralysis moments and I could not escape them.

sleep paralysis causes.

- Farid Azim Qureshi Said : I tired to yell with movement of body with full force, Sometimes I have to recite Quran's verses too when hope became lessen. - Lily Holt Said : I've only had it a few times and each time was very easy to get out of: What I did was I became aware of my body, then I completely relaxed myself with the intent to "throw" my limbs all at the same time at one given second to 'shock' my body (mentally) into waking up. I figured if my body was asleep but my mind wasn't, I could trick my mind into waking my body up by simulating the "falling sensation" only as if I'd been hit rather than just falling. Works every time. - Try relaxing through it take deep breaths don't try to move your body. You're half way into Astral Projection. Warning: Only Try this after you've mastered escaping it (sleep paralysis). - Joseph trudeau Said : for me, i had to journey. moving my muscles was impossible so i instead decided that i was having a nightmare and tried to wake up. in my mind this equated to escaping mentally... and floated on out. this is the first time I projected and it was quite accidental and scary - it would be of no use to fear sleep paralysis, it just is the way the body and mind work in a certain state and cycle.. Change your breathing pattern and wiggle your fingers and toes, works every time for me. I would say though that you should face it and turn it into an OBE/LD instead

Sleep Paralysis Treatment

  • - Try to move just your fingers. This is how I get out of mine.

  • - try to open ur eyes during sleep paralysis
- Sarah Hartley Said: In my experience, you’ve gotta know the signs and get out as soon as you feel it coming on. Once it’s happening you pretty much just have to ride it out. Or use it to AP. Which is what I do now. Once SP is full blown happening trying to move any part of your body is going to intensify the vibration sensations. I don’t recommend it. Just relax focus on your breathing, remain calm and know it’s going to pass soon. - Catalin Ignat Said : only the tongue you can move and if you insist you will come back pretty quickly but not all the time I noticed that the toes are the last point of contact with the physical body I often used them to wake up, if I was too scared. - Ray D Said: Not sure but it’s mind awake body asleep so I suppose one can focus on one and either put it to sleep or wake it up... I notice focusing on my mind seems to be key since my body is paralyzed at that point... seems to do well.. I either try to put the mind asleep or wake the mind up enough to leave my body.. At that point it’s either focusing on lucid dreaming or astral projection time... lemons into lemonade. - Focus on a smaller part of your body ie; your thumb or nose ear or hand and keep focusing and it’ll bring you back vibrationally to your body.

- Relax and go with it, sometimes it’s difficult but fear prolongs the paralysis, in my experience anyway.

- If you are a human and sleep you will not escape sleep paralysis because anyone who sleeps has REM phases, during which you are paralyzed in your neck and shoulder area. It has the function of keeping your still during active dreams. If by chance you should wake and the paralysis lingers on for a few minutes (many people have had this experience) you may develop the illusion that you are in danger since you cannot move. The reasoning is confused: "I can't move so I must be in danger, if I'm in danger, there must be something dangerous." If you like things that go bump in the night, you can turn this into some confused association with alleged astral projection or leaving your body, and ignore the science. Take your pick. I prefer a good explanation of a superstition. - concentrate on moving your big toe.

- Sleep paralysis mean's that your mind awakened first rather than your body first while asleep, SP also a trigger in AP before sleeping the body tend to sleep first its the other way around, but if you don't it know how deal with it, its a scary thing to experience. Try not to panic and force yourself to move just relax and breath deeply the paralysis will subside, if the paralysis keep's on coming back drink 1or 2 glass of water.

- learning to move your thumb or pinky finger...once you reconnect with your body...your back in control.. - Don't panic if you can't escape sleep paralysis, just wait till you feel ready to move a finger or a toe and if you can wait it out.. - It is triggered by severe stress and feeling of powerlessness from my experience and other people's accounts to me. So you should figure out what's causing that in your waking life! - Leonard, you and I are Xmilitary as well. I had to find a replacement for many feelings I arrived back in the real world with, from the military. Its very much like that. You need to find strong replacements to overcome certain fear, then you have to compartmentalize those barriers as NO LONGER having dominion over you! We all hold the strength we need, you are never alone!

Sleep Paralysis Lucid Dreamimg

lucid dreaming
- Use it to your Advantage, this is a process you can use to Astral project, just be aware of the sensations but don't think about them, I like that stage but it doesn't happen often Enough.

- Relax. Close your eyes & tell yourself you're sleeping & it's time to wake up. Always works for me when I open my eyes I'm back IRL. - The minute you stop fighting it & surrender to it-and fully let it happen, it stops & it is then you go astral traveling & experience some amazing euphoric feelings. This has always been my experience.. - I have understood the problem is simply that the part of your mind that operates the body is detached from the body and so it feels like it is paralyzed, but it's just not connected at the moment. Unfortunately for me, when I get the paralyze sensation, it pulls my right back in, and I want to go out! I'm still mastering that :) - breathe slowly and deeply,...then relax :) it works 100%. - Not if u feel and sense what’s coming ... u need to learn to switch off and come back . Some things we r not ready to receive, so we gotta relax and speak to them ... after all it’s our guides drawing us closer, so when I feel that breath on my arm or neck and my ears are buzzing not ringing, ringing means ur not listening! Ur eyesight will flicker and see things from the corner of your eyes and if u close your lids too quickly, you get a vision like deja vue!!!!. - I've had SP since I was a, small child. As dark back as I can remember. It used to freak me out very badly. And has only been the last few years that I've learned how to semi control it. If you can fight the urge to panic, and Just Go With It it's not scary anymore. It's our natural instinct to panic and want out. I've also been able to lucid dream for as far back as I can remember. - Get used to it, dont fear. When it happens kind of try to move your neck and jerk your self. I cant explain it but i kick out of it no problem every time. It used to happen to me every week when i was younger. It get easier to kick out of at will you just have to have serious will power to do it. All speep paralysis isnt bad. My grandmother visited me the last time it happened and i seen with my wyes closed and everything was a rainbow color. Oh my grandmother passed away so thats what i meant by visiting. The key thing is NOT TO FEAR IT . You can kick out of it. You just gotta train your self to do it. Fortunately ive had it happen to me enough times where i can kick out of it at will so i dont know if anyone else can that easily ifnits not common. - sounds korny but some old schoolers say put a broom in the corner and you wont have any. - presence of mind, keep calm, start moving your toes then fingers and hands, just dont panic. - Just be calm. I have a lot of this encounter. Until it reach to the point that i think that im going to die because i cant move my body. - just recognize it and relax. I find if I try to do anything the paralysis gets more intense/violent. if it is too intense u can do something like pray or visualize something that makes u feel courageous or is soothing.

How long does sleep paralysis last?

- 30/40 seconds
- And Last .... Pray Pray And Pray To Almighty God

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