Inception In Real Life, Real Experience Of Lucid Dreaming


 Inception In Real Life, Real Experience Of  Lucid Dreaming

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Has anyone woken up from a dream and find out you are still dreaming? Inception in Real Life?

False awakenings are nothing more than the experiencer’s inability to recognize that he or she is still in the astral. Even if it’s a dream, you’re still in the astral as that’s where we go when we dream.

As you become more lucid, you’ll be able to detect that you’re in a false awakening. So get out of bed, leave the house and take flight. it's great but very confusing sometimes, I sometimes realise I'm still dreaming within the 'dream' which can then become very lucid but never seems to last long so maybe a transition? And sometimes unsure if I'm actually awake or dreaming or between levels of consciousness.

sleep paralysis
Sleep Paralysis

How To Lucid Dream?

- expert Jeremy Taylor Said : Dreams within dreams are very important according to dream Experts.

- According One Of My Doctor friend who is in medical profession said. going to these type of false awakening can be serious sometimes as you may go on coma if you are not able to wake up in physical world. not mean to scared anybody but its possible.

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